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Glassell BLOCK XX

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I've been accepted into the BLOCK program at the Glassell School. (Part of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston [MFAH].)

It's a two-year intensive of high-level feedback and critique, meeting one day a week, and open to only 6 new pupils per year (12 enrollees total).

Some of my friends successfully completed the program this past year. Their work improved in noticeable ways during their tenure. I'm very interested in seeing if I can raise my game as they have.

Not to mention the unparalleled opportunity to meet new opinion-makers in the art world. I'll be getting critique from some of the most knowledgeable people in Houston's art scene, and if I'm lucky, making new friends that will last a lifetime.

COVID is putting a bizarre angle on everything we do, so it's not clear exactly how these classes will play out, or whether we will have the chance to meet any visitors from outside the Houston Metro area -- will out-of-towners be able to conduct critiques via Zoom?? -- but I'm no less excited to start, and can't wait to see what this two-year journey will add to my knowledge and experience as an artist.

Wish me luck!

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