Artist Statement
January 2021

Interior struggle
Interior landscapes symbols structures
We all struggle
Artists collectors viewers curators buyers sellers dealers makers

What is it
How do we show it
I constrain myself
Making marks
Structured systematic patterned restrained
Making difficulty
Bound by the page
Images become free in the mind
A projection No longer tethered
Different reads from different views
Once an engineer developer investor entrepreneur
Studied circuits systems A.I. cognition
Now a dad
A creator
I love architecture language philosophy literature music
Playing reading writing reflecting
Thinking conceiving analyzing
I use structures systems computers
Crutches guides frameworks skeletons
But an object cannot have value
Until it is touched
Touch a system and corrupt it
Or obey it
Art is not obedience
It is a demand

"John Hovig's abstract work, with all its linear fluidity, takes on the quality of organic, biomorphic forms floating in an undefined space. Notice how the line undulates and twists round and round, how following its pattern mediates a meditative act of vision."

Joseph Staley IV

Curator, Glade Gallery