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Offerings to Tyche

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Tyche is the ancient Greek goddess of luck, fortune, or chance (cf. Fortuna of Roman lore). Polybius (the ancient Greek historian I mentioned the other day, also an early cryptographer) famously stated that anything that could not be explained empirically must be due to her intervention.

The mythical Palamedes—said to have fought in the Trojan war despite Homer passing over him—was claimed by Plato to have invented numbers, and by others to have possibly invented the Greek alphabet, but more interesting, he is said to have invented the game of dice, as a gift to Tyche.

This series of images is similar to the grid-based work I’ve shown before, but neither bound to the regular grid nor limited to regular shapes. Slightly looser, slightly freer. And like those grid-based works, it’s all about the color, still completely random, somehow always managing to amaze.

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